Virtual Assistant/CSR

Answering Service
Call back and schedule times
Potential new client follow up
Organize, book, and schedule meetings 
Calendar Management
Outbound Telemarketing
Email Management
Client Satisfaction Survey
Communicate and Coordinate with team members
Send and Follow up with Client invoices
Graphic Designers
Content Creators
Website Developers
Software Developers
SEO Specialists
Social Media Coordinators
Social Media Engagement
Chatbot Support
Data Entry
Call Screening
Connect your outbound calls to the party you want to talk to
Appointment Reminder
Customer Follow-up
Call Transfer/Forwarding 
Posting Listings 
Virtual Assistant
Legal Secretary
General Secretary
Travel Assistant
Marketing Rates
Restaurant Delivery Coordination and Order Taking
Parts locating and ordering 
Client information for tax preparation 
Gather info for Obamacare
Gather info for medicare
Insurance Verification
Insurance Collections
Claims Intake
Bill Reminders
Auto Club Services
Storage Yard Services
Afterhours Apartment Maintenance
Towing Services
Ambulance Services
Courier Services
Private Process Services
Hot Shotting Services
Taxi Services
Funeral Homes (Hearst Services)
Delivery Service
RV Transport Services
Senior Care 
Limousine Service
Trucking Services (cargo pick up)
Travel Agencies


Most businesses have a phone and a website. Every time the phone rings it has to be answered as it could be a new customer or client that your business needs. It could be a valuable customer that you don’t want to lose. It could be a vendor that’s very important to your business. Whoever calls your phone needs to be handled in a professional businesslike manner, giving the caller a wonderful engagement with your business. Call management and tracking is an extremely important function in your business, unfortunately, it is not given the importance it deserves. Our customer service agents can do that for you, to take this weight off your shoulders likewise your visitors who visit your website which is like your virtual office in the virtual world, if this were to happen in your office or your store you would want someone to go greet them and say “How can I help you?” or “Is there something I can help you with?”. The same is done today using a chatbot on your website.

Even someone who has emailed you through your website has to be handled the same. Even if somebody just wants to complain, you would want them to have that experience too. Sure, the person who is responding or answering may not have all the right answers but they can always get the answers and get back to them. Like most business owners, it’s so difficult to stay organized. You almost have to prepare a to-do list to remind you of how many to-do lists you have to make. We can help you with your customers and your possible customers to help you stay organized so you don’t even have to think of a to-do list. This is what we offer with our Virtual Assistants and Customer Service Representatives.

Industries we serve include almost any business with a phone, website or email.

Services we offer are from basic phone answering and chatbot service to more skilled administrative, secretarial, sales, and customer service starting from only $5/Hour. 

We offer both:

Task-based Assistance to Dedicated Assistance

How does it work?


We schedule an appointment with you to understand the areas that you need help with.


We look at our existing assistants to see which one would work best for you and if they need any additional training on your product or service and industry. If we see that we do not have anyone to fit your exact need, then we will locate one for you.


Make sure your phone system is compatible, if not we can help make the appropriate changes.


When it’s all ready, we will send you an invoice to pay only a week in advance. Invoices are to be paid by Friday prior to the beginning of the new week every Monday. If for some reason payment is not made Friday we will still continue the following Monday not to cause any business interruptions for you as long as we are notified or made aware of the issue.